Male Extra Pills Review: Ingredients, Side effects and Results

Male extraMale Extra is a potent sex enhancement supplement that improves men’s libido besides enlarging their penises and giving them more intense erections. The product also promises increased sexual power that helps men last longer during sex and hardens the penis for improved performance. The value of this supplement derives from enhanced virility in men who desire to improve their sex lives in the wake of modern health and lifestyle-related challenges that inhibit sexual activity. The potent power of this product is ideal for reversing certain sexual challenges such as erectile dysfunction. This supplement comes with the guarantee of no side effect because it does not include adverse drugs as part of its ingredients.

Research behind Male Extra

The findings of a research study at Nuaka University and Research Center on the potency and safety of Male Extra pills showed that the ingredients used in the manufacture of the supplement are derived from safe herbs, which increase the levels of nitric oxide hence causing increased blood flow to the penis. The findings of this study led to the optimization of the ingredients such as L-Arginine, and pure Pomegranate with the objective of increasing the effectiveness of the male enlargement pill as compared to other sex enhancement drugs on the market.

Benefits of Male Extra

Longevity: This sex enhancement supplement helps men to last longer in bed. Increased blood flow to the penis ensures longer erections, which help men to maintain longer hours of intercourse than their earlier capacity. Such an experience is delightful and fulfilling to both partners.

Harder penis: Certain health or lifestyle conditions affect the hardness of the penis in men. Relying on this supplement helps men to overcome such challenges, which can be frustrating during to both partners. Increased blood flow in the penis produces the effect of a hardened penis that is required for the maximum thrill effect during sex.

Bigger penis: The size of the penis plays a key role in the level of satisfaction for the man and woman during sex. The penile size also connects with the male ego, which also contributes to a great sexual experience. The regular use of this product helps men to achieve about 2.6 inches of additional penile length within six months.

Improved libido: For men suffering from a significant decline in libido, the use of this product can help in the restoration within the shortest time possible. The enhancement of the functionality of the penis through increased blood flow effectively contributes towards the improvement of male libido.

No side effects: Users of this product do not have to worry about the possibility of side effects. The product is manufactured from natural ingredients, which have passed the standards of safety. As such, this product compares better to the other risky products that have flooded the market.

Improved quality of orgasm: One key advantage of using this product is the improved quality of orgasm for men. The product works in ways that sustain all the functions of the male reproductive harmony hence enabling the attainment of optimum orgasm for the user.

Male Extra ingredients

Male Extra IngredientsThe effectiveness of this supplement derives from the potency of its ingredients. The ingredients used in the manufacture of the product include pomegranate 40% ellagic, L-Arginine, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM), Creatine, Cordyceps, and Zinc. L-Arginine produces nitric oxide in the process of breaking down, which causes the dilation of the blood vessels that connect to the erectile tissue. MSM and Creatine are essential for the health and expansion of the muscle tissue. Cordyceps plays a central role in enhancing sexual desire and energy. Zinc is essential in the development of healthy sperms and in the prevention of radical attacks on the sperm.

Does Male Extra work?

Scientific evidence and customer reviews have shown the high levels of effectiveness of this product as compared to other products on the market. The optimization of the level of ingredient dosage in the product is one of the key factors that have contributed significantly to effectiveness of the product. Results from previous tests have also shown that the product works effectively in increasing the size of the penis and sustaining longer periods of hardness. Regular users of this supplement have testified to the immense benefits of the product on the scores of ejaculation and improved libido. As such, the effectiveness of this product is not in doubt.

Male Extra results

Evidence from previous tests showed that this product yields its results significantly faster than the other products on the market. A daily dosage of three pills can lead to the increase of the size of the penis to about 0.8 to 2.6 inches within a period of three to six months. This results prove the high level of effectiveness of this product in comparison to its competitors.

Side effects

Tests and research conducted on the product did not show any side effects of the product. The reliance on herbal ingredients for its production is one of the key factors that lessen the chances of any side effects.


You can get a month’s supply of the product at 62.95 US dollars or opt for a two-month supply at 126.95 US dollars. There is also the option of buying four packages and getting two free at 229.90 US dollars or buying three packages and getting one free at 197.95 US dollars.

Where to buy the product

buy Male Extra PillsThe product can be bought directly from its official website.

Male Extra enters the market of men’s sex enhancement products with the promise of safety and effectiveness. The product enjoys a growing reputation and preference due to its capacity to restore the stamina of men who have faced the frustrations of less effective remedies on the market. Using this product comes with the confidence of safety and erases the concern of side effects that have slowed the enthusiasm of the modern man with regard to sex enhancement products. As such, this product is recommended to all men who seek to restore their command of sexual power and longer lasting pleasure in the bedroom.